15 Key Features of Health Power’s Google Recognized National Minority Health Communication Network

By Norma J. Goodwin, M.D., Founder, President & CEO, Health Power for Minorities® (Health Power®)

Health Power ‘s National Minority Health Communication Network’s 1500 + page website, linked blog, social media network, and e-mailing program, together, are providing authoritative, user-friendly and culturally relevant health & fitness articles, information, and promotion messages and tools to improve the health of minorities, or multicultural populations, as well as interested others. Using multichannel and multimedia approaches, Health Power gives high value to collaboration and strategic alliances with non-profit, governmental and private sector organizations. 

At the end of 2013, we were pleased to report that all year, Health Power was independently ranked by Google, Yahoo and Bing as the No.1 source of health information for minorities, worldwide.

Key features of our National Minority, or Multicultural, Communication Network, which provides authoritative, user-friendly and culturally relevant health & fitness articles, information and promotion services, include:

  •  Primary emphasis on disease prevention, early detection and control;
  •  Web-linked Blog for information exchange among users. with an RSS Feed of the most recent articles, and an A to Z directory of all blog posts;
  •  Special and ongoing targeting of 4 conditions, called our“Big 4”: Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension and Heart Disease, each of which has a significant effect on the prevention and/or control of the other 3 conditions;
  • Health Power’s Top 16 racial and ethnic health disparities, each of which has a discrete web section, with key sub-sections; 
  • Spiritual and Mental Health Channels
  •  Food and Fitness Channel with a separate Food Branch and Fitness Branch, and includes cultural specialty recipes and recipes by celebrities and notables, chefs and nutritionists;
  •  Separate Racial and Ethnic website channels – or sections – for African Americans, Hispanic, Asian Americans, and Native Americans;
  •  Separate channels by gender and age including women, men, teens and aging populations;
  •  Tip Sheets  on a wide variety of health subjects:
  •  “What It Means” A to Z glossary;
  •  Semi-independent “Teen Power” website which can be entered by teens through the main website, or directly;
  •  “What’s Happening”, which provides information on major conferences and events;
  •  20 cross-linked organizational web partners;
  •  Resource Directory for Minority Health with more than 80 entries;
  •  Social media network including Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, LinkedIn, and Google+;


Many of the above features of Health Power’s National Minority Health Communication Network begin on the Home Page, www.healthpowerforminorities.com.  Check it out!


Remember: Knowledge + Action = Power ! ®
Best wishes for your physical, mental and spiritual health
Norma J. Goodwin, M.D., Founder, President & CEO
Health Power®


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