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hepatitis b - Be aware

How to Manage Chronic Hepatitis B

An estimated 29.4% of African Americans suffer from hepatitis B, while its prevalence rate is around 2.7% among Hispanics. It’s a chronic condition that leads […]

Childhood obesity 4

Childhood Obesity: Top Health Risks

  In 2015-16, the National Center for Health Statistics conducted a survey to determine the obesity rate among youngsters and it was learned that 18.5% […]

Selection of food that is good for the heart, white wood background

6 Healthy Diet Tips for Stroke Survivors

If you’re a stroke survivor, you’re likely to experience another stroke unless you improve your lifestyle. During the recovery phase, you need lots of nutrients […]

Black women and health

Common Health Concerns for African American Women

African Americans, particularly women, lack access to healthcare due to discrimination and inequality that are wide-spread in the society. This is the major reason why […]

Sun Allergy 1

Sun Allergy: Here’s What You Should Know

  The exposure to sunlight is extremely important for your health. It positively affects your health and boosts your mood. However, some people experience allergic […]


World AIDS Day

  World AIDS Day is celebrated each year on December 1st. It provides an opportunity to increase awareness, education and a greater understanding of HIV as […]

Dr. Samantha Nazareth - Gut Health Check

Gut Check on Digestive Health Issues – Video interview with Dr. Samantha Nazareth and Blanca

Dr. Goodwin, Founder and President of Health Power for Minorities, interviews Dr. Samantha Nazareth, a certified gastroenterologist, or digestive disease specialist, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome […]

Dr. Jacqueline Pongracic - Peanut Allergy Campaign

Talking Peanut Allergy Campaign – Video with Dr. Jacqueline Pongracic

Dr. Norma Goodwin, Founder and President of Health Power for Minorities, interviews Dr. Jacqueline Pongracic, head of Allergy and Immunology at Ann & Robert H. […]

Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Planning for National Safe Toys and Gifts Month

  Too often, accidents involving children and toys occur and may result in eye injuries. Each year, thousands of children age 14 and younger suffered […]


Wise Drinking – A Health Power Tip Sheet

    Why Watch the Alcohol? Possible Negative Effects of Drinking Alcohol include: Decreased normal inhibitions, which leads to people often doing things they wouldn’t […]