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Caucasian woman practicing yoga at seashore

Stress Prevention and Reduction – Meditation

With the hectic pace and demands of modern life, many people are stressed and over-worked. It often feels like there is just not enough time […]

Tai Chi in the park

Stress Prevention and Reduction – Tai Chi

  Tai Chi, a Chinese martial art, is often practiced to promote health and longevity. Tai chi is considered as a gentle way to reduce stress. […]

Osteoporsis - Dr. Tara Allmen

Fractured Truths – Osteoporosis Myths

Health Power’s President, Dr. Norma Goodwin, interviews Dr. Tara Allmen, a Board Certified Gynecologist and Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP). Dr Alllmen is also the […]

Yoga pose on mat

Stress Prevention and Reduction – Yoga

  Yoga may help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower the heart rate. And, almost anyone can do it. Yoga is an ancient Indian body of knowledge that […]

Sleeping woman

Stress Prevention and Reduction – Adequate Sleep

  Adequate Sleep  Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being, and stress reduction, throughout life. Getting enough quality sleep at the right […]

Depression and Other Illnesses

Neighbors of Depression

Possible Neighbors of Depression Depression and Heart Disease – are common companions, and each can make the other worse, without treatment. Since the combination of depression […]

Stresss Prevention and Reduction

Stress Prevention and Reduction: An Overview

  Stress Prevention and Reduction: An Overview – 14 Part Series What is Stress? Stress is your body’s way of responding to any kind of demand. […]

African American couple preparing food.

Stress Prevention and Reduction – Eating Healthy

  Eating Healthy There’s a fine line between thinking carefully about what we put into our bodies and obsessing over it or restricting it dangerously. […]

Walking for Exercise

Stress Prevention and Reduction – Walking & Other Exercises

  Walking & Other Exercises Regular exercise is one of the best stress-reduction techniques available. It improves health, and reduces stress caused by lack of […]

Black Women and Obesity

Black Women and Obesity – A Key Issue

Ever wonder why obesity is so rampant in African American  women?  Why 4 out of 5 black women are overweight, obese, and/or lacking in physical […]