Breast Cancer Diary of an Educator, Advocate & Patient – Day 185 – the 6-Month Mark

Day 185 – the 6th month markimagesHPLogo_NO_TAG_TODD_2.2011 smaller

By Darci L. Graves, MPP, Health Power Editor

Six months ago I had a conversation with my doctor that confirmed the lump in my breast. The thought then was the lump was a fibroadenoma. A week later we would learn that that was not in fact the case.

This week I will have my last chemotherapy treatment. I am still a mix of emotions. The side effects to the Taxol seem to have progressed some more.The medical term for what I’m currently experiencing is peripheral neuropathy.

Basically there is a weirdness in my hands and feet… The best description I have thus far is the sensation when you come in from the EXTREME cold and the blood begins to return to your limbs – little bit of tingling, little bit of throbbing, all in all uncomfortable… it’s like that… but you never get completely warm. There are also moments where there are sharper pains – like when you have worn high heels for too long and your feet have decided to rebel.

Since it’s happening so late in the game, hopefully there will be no permanent damage… but as the little voice in my head continues to remind me – it’s better than cancer.

It also helps to remind me that recovery isn’t going to be immediate. It is going to be a process… physically and psychologically… and I need to figure out how I am going to work through both… have to remember the ‘to do’ list… honor the process and the emotions that come with it.

In happier news, my hair is growing back, my eyebrows are filling in and the new dog Ella Jane (mostly just Ella) is settling in nicely. Here is a picture of us taken yesterday… 🙂


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