Breast Cancer Myths and Facts

Breast Cancer Myths and Facts

  Don’t Believe Everything You Hear:

  Here are the Facts:


Myth:  A lump in the breast means you probably have breast cancer.

Fact:  Most lumps in the breast are not breast cancer. However, if you feel a lump, be sure to see your doctor at once.

Myth:  An injury in the chest area can cause breast cancer.

Fact:  Bumping, bruising, or caressing the breast does not cause breast cancer.

Myth:  Breast cancer means having to have a breast removed.

Fact:  When breast cancer is found early, it’s often not necessary to remove the breast.

Myth:  Breast Implants cause cancer.

Fact:  Although some breast implants can cause scar tissue, there’s no evidence that they cause cancer.

Myth:  Only women get breast cancer.

Fact:  Although it’s uncommon, men also get breast cancer.

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