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Although cancer is often a serious disease, and has a greater negative effect on minority/multicultural populations than others, this can be reversed. However, prevention and control starts with those who are at the greatest risk. Some of the most common causes of cancer can be prevented, and others can often be cured if detected early enough. 

Cancer occurs when more body cells or building blocks grow or grow faster in a certain area of the body than they should or old cells in that area don’t die when they should.  Normally, new cells in the body grow when they’re needed, replacing old cells that die.  When too many new cells are formed or not enough old cells die, they form a mass which is called a tumor, which can be malignant (cancer) or benign.  With cancer, cells from a tumor can invade nearby areas, or spread to parts of the body that are various distances away (metastasis).  By comparison, with benign tumors, their cells don’t invade the surrounding areas or spread to other areas of the body.  Therefore, they are not cancers.


Most Damaging Cancers for Minoritiescancer

Before focusing on the above Health Power targeted cancers, we strongly recommend that our users and visitors review and consider the following very important signals of possible cancer.

Key Cancer Warning Signals


Change in bowel habit

Change in bladder habit

A sore that doesn’t heal

Unusual bleeding

Unusual discharge

Thickening in the breast or elsewhere

Lump in the breast or elsewhere

Prolonged or repeated indigestion

Difficulty in swallowing

Obvious change in a wart or mole

Nagging cough or hoarseness

Principal Source: Out-of-print prior American Cancer Society brochure

Other key resources for cancer information are the American Cancer Society, Tel. (800) 227-2346 and (800) 4-Cancer, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute.

The web sites of both of these organizations can be visited directly from our Relevant Resources Table.

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