Celebrating Caribbean Heritage

By Norma J. Goodwin, MD, Founder and President, Health Power


Every June, the nation gives special recognition to, and celebrates, National Caribbean Heritage Month for the many and diverse contributions that Caribbean Americans have made, and continue to make, to our nation at every level – ranging from education, health and the arts, to business and social services. The month reminds those from the Caribbean in various generations, as well as the many visitors to the Caribbean each year of the many diverse, and yet shared, features among the Caribbean nations including the plentiful:

– tropical fruits and vegetables

– seafood of all kinds, prepared in all ways

– beautiful blue Caribbean sea

– sea and sun

– tradewinds

– dynamic flows of daily living – in schools, churches, cultural centers, workplaces, and

– great mix of music for every ear and every dance.


Visit our website’s Caribbean Circuit, meet our Editors and Advisors, and review the variety of interesting and useful information related to Caribbean American culture, interests, and experiences including:

African American and Caribbean Recipes

Our 2013 “Salute to the Honorable Lamuel Stanislaus, DDS, Former UN Ambassador for Grenada

Of special interest is the Health Data Table comparing the birth rates, infant mortality rates, and life expectancies among 21 Caribbean nations, and the United States.

Enjoy your visit to our Caribbean Circuit, and let us know if you know individuals and/or organizations that would be interested in helping us to share wider experiences and interests related to Caribbean Americans. 

Also, click here to visit the Official National Caribbean-American Heritage website. 



Check out our Summer Tip Sheets on our Home Page: www.healthpowerforminorities.com including:
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