Cooking Good and Eating Healthy Tips – Part One

Although people are always told to “Eat Healthy”, they don’t get enough consumer-friendly information on how to do so. There are many  “Healthy Eating Tools” in our Food & Fitness Channel.  They include:


–       Celebrity, other notables, chef, and nutritionist recipes

–       Cultural specialty recipes

–       Many more delicious and healthy recipes

All of the recipes in our Food and Fitness Channel come from cultures that have a long history of “Cooking Good”, but too often,  not “Eating Healthy”. The cultures Health Power mainly focuses on are:Image preview

African Americans,


Asian Americans,

Native Americans

The Food Branch (there’s also a by our Fitness Branch Editor,)  has  many recipes from these cultures that are both delicious and healthy. To make it easy to select a recipe that suits your taste and interest of the moment, the main ingredient is always in color. In addition, the nutritional content is provided for each recipe, as well as the source. Another convenient feature is that all of the recipes in the Full Recipe Directory are organized by the following types:


Lunch & Dinner

Soups & Salads

Pastas & Breads

Dressings & Salads

Desserts & Drinks

As an added benefit, all of the recipes in the Full Recipe Directory are organized by cultural specialty. Click below for recipes by Cultural Specialty:

African American 


Asian Pacific Islander

Native American 

Look for Part Two of “Cooking Good and Eating Healthy ” soon, and in the meantime, select one of the recipes in the Health Power Food & Fitness Channel, cook it good, and enjoy – whether alone, or with others, since eating is for many, a social occasion.     

Remember the Health Power motto:  Knowledge + Action = Power!

To your good health – physically, mentally and spiritually

Dr. Norma Goodwin

Founder & President
Health Power
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