Felipino Noodles with Vegetables (Pancit Bihon)

 Source: Ofelia Dirige’s (National Cancer Institute)
Servings: 6

1 teaspoon cooking spray or olive oilFelipino Noodles with Vegetables (Pancit Bihon)
1 small onion
1 cup carrots, diced
1 cup celery, diced
3 tablespoons low sodium soy sauce
1 cup chicken broth
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
Black pepper to season
1 pound cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast, diced into half inch or inch cubes (about 3 cups)
1 8 oz. package noodles (Pancit bihon noodles- found at an Asian grocery store, or angel hair pasta)
1 cups green cabbage, sliced into strips
1/2 cup scallions, diced (about 3 onions), divided
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1 medium lemon, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 


Spray a wok or large saucepan with cooking spray, or use olive oil. Over medium heat, saute garlic and onion, cooking until golden brown. Add cooked chicken and heat until its browned and warmed throughout, 2-3 minutes. Add pepper. While chicken is heating, soften noodles by putting them in a colander and running water over them until they’re soft (do not soak them). Cut the noodles with kitchen scissors into 2-inch segments. Let noodles stand until they further soften. Alternatively, if using angel hair pasta, cook it according to directions and set aside. Add carrots to pan with chicken, and cook for 2 minutes. Stir in cabbage, celery, and 1/2 cup scallions, and cook for 2 minutes. Add noodles gradually, stirring to blend with vegetables and meat. Add chicken broth and soy sauce to moisten. Cook until noodles are soft, about 5 minutes (omit this step if using angel hair pasta). Garnish with lemon slices and remaining scallions. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the dish just before serving.

Per Serving: 173 calories, 6 g fat, 32 mg cholesterol, 6 g dietary fiber, 51 mg sodium

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