Key Men’s Health Issues for Men’s Health Month

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Because men have been breadwinners, protectors, soldiers, fathers and husbands for centuries, they have been taught to be strong and firm, thus withstanding pain and images of weakness. This has led to a culture of their ignoring their own health and well-being in the name of manhood.

For men of color, the following situations often exist:

(a) They are less likely than women to request and receive health information, preventive health services, and medical care.

 (b) Their health status and their health care is generally worse than that of White men and boys;

 (c) They are more likely to be members of low income families and communities;

 (d) They have not given, nor received, adequate focus on reproductive life planning, which contributes to many unplanned pregnancies, and single parent and fatherless homes, especially in low income communities.

Our website’s Men’s Health Channel provides information on a varity of key men’s health issues including:
 Prostate Cancer – – – Enlarged Prostate – – – Erectile Dysfunction – – – HIV/AIDS and the “Down Low” – – – – – –  Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism – – – Hypertension – – – Heart Disease – – – Stress Reduction – – – Depression – – – Partner Violence.
Because we know that “Men’s Health is Power”, we are committed to giving special attention to improving the physical, mental and spiritual health of men of color.
Remember our motto: Knowledge + Action = Power!
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