Men’s Health is Power

Celebrate & Support Men’s Health in June & Year-round

For centuries, men have been breadwinners, protectors, soldiers, fathers and husbands. They are taught to be strong and firm, thus withstanding pain and images of weakness. This tradition has led to a culture of men, fathers, husbands and partners who often ignore their own health and well-being in the name of masculinity. Over the years, poor health education and a lack of male specific health programs that focus on men’s health and well-being has continued, and in some ways, gotten worse.
We at Health Power are committed to improving the Physical, Mental and and Spiritual Health of  men, especially men of color, because we know that “Men’s Health is Power”.
Also, while June is Men’s Health Month, because of the important role they play in their families, “Men’s Health is also a Women’s and Family Health Issue”.  In other words, the health of our men is closely connected to the health of their spouses, other partners, and other family members. Thus, Health Power is focusing on:
  • Increasing men’s health awareness
  • Disease prevention through risk reduction
  • Early disease detection, and 
  • Disease Control. 
We must also maintain a constant focus on our boys, physically, mentally, and spiritually, because they are  moving daily along the pathway from boys, to men, to fathers. Therefore, parents and other adults need to share values, and examples, with boys that result in fewer unplanned pregnancies, and single parent and fatherless homes, especially in low income communities. We must all remember that unplanned, single parent and fatherless homes are a boy problem and a community problem as well as a girl problem.
Visit the following areas on the Health Power website at  for the following information to help men improve  their health because “Men’s Health is really Power” .
–  Men’s Health Channel
–  Food & Fitness Channel
–  Teen Power
–  Mental Health Channel
Spiritual Health Channel
As always, best wishes for your physical, mental and spiritual health, and
Remember: Knowledge + Action = Power!®
Also, send me your views and suggestions, because I really care about them.
Dr. (Norma) Goodwin
President, Health Power
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