Did You Know?
  • The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that 1 of every 5 Americans will be Hispanic before 2020.
  • The term Latin America was first used to identify countries in South America and North America that were colonized by Spain, Portugal and France
  • The current average household income per year for Hispanics in the United States is $33,980
  • 24% of older Hispanic adults live below the poverty level – more than double the rate for older white, non-Hispanic adults.
  • Over 1 million Mexicans still speak “Nahuatl” (Naa-wa-tuhl) the native Aztec language
  • Garcia is the most popular surname in Spain, and the base word of Garcia is “Artza”, which means “principle de vista” or “crown prince”.
  • 34% of foreign-born Hispanics in the United States report wanting to return to their native countries.
  • 98% of Hispanics who immigrate to the United States report considering themselves equally Hispanic and American
  • By 2030, it is estimated that U.S. Latino youth will represent 26% of the 83 million United States youth.
  • Anthony MuÑoz was the first Hispanic to be inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame
  • The Honorable Bill Richardson was the first Hispanic to serve as Ambassador to the United Nations. He is now Governor of New Mexico.
  • During the 1930’s, Puerto Ricans began settling in New York’s East Harlem. The area eventually became the largest Puerto Rican neighborhood in the United States and is often called Spanish Harlem or El Barrio (The Neighborhood).

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