Key Hispanic News & Health Resources

Key Hispanic News


El Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos de Estados Unidos (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services) dio a conocer hoy CuidadodeSalud.Gov, el primer sitio de Internet en español de su tipo para ayudar los consumidores a tomar el control de su cuidado de salud al conectarlos con nueva información y recursos que los ayudarán a obtener acceso a seguro médico económico y de calidad.

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The federal government (DHHS) has just launched It’s the first major website in Spanish to help connect Hispanics/Latinos with new information and resources to improve access to quality, affordable coverage.

Key Hispanic Resources

Hispanic Foodways

Hispanic Foodways designs culturally innovative, patient-focused, health and diabetes education programs as an effective way to reduce diabetes health costs and improve patient outcome. The mission of Hispanic Foodways is to:

  • Address the cultural aspects of diabetes management
  • Provide health care professionals with the knowledge, skills, and resources to work effectively in cross-cultural environments and provide better treatment to culturally diverse populations
  • Provide health education that leads the patient into action while improving health literacy using Hispanic Foodways’ “Learning by Teaching” Principles.


La diabetes y usted: Una guia para hispanos ( Diabetes and You: A Guide for Hispanics)

This publication was co-produced by the National Hispanic Medical Association and the American Academy of Family Physicians. Features Lupe Ontiveros and Anthony Muñoz, and includes a DVD.

Contact: Conrad & Associates, LLC, (800)553-0504.

Latino Behavioral Health Institute


The Latino Behavioral Health Institute is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to enhance skills of persons interested or involved in providing behavioral health services to the Latino community. The Institute is dedicated to eliminating discrimination against persons in need of behavioral health services, human services or health care.  


Latino Caucus of APHA (American Public Health Association)

The goal of the Latino Caucus of APHA is to represent and provide advocacy for the health interests of the Latino community, both within and outside the APHA structure.

The Latino Caucus facilitates active participation of Latino public health workers in the organizational and programmatic activities of the APHA, and provides a means for professional growth for Latino Caucus members and others in public health.





Latino Commission on AIDS


The Latino Commission on AIDS is a nonprofit membership organization dedicated to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS in the Latino community. Its public health model includes four core and complementary services provided to Latino communities: health education, HIV prevention, capacity building, and advocacy. All services are offered in Spanish by a culturally diverse bilingual staff of health, education and business professionals.


Latino Nutrition Coalition (LNC)



The Latino Nutrition Coalition is an Oldways’ educational program inspiring Latinos to improve and maintain their health through traditional foods and active lifestyles. The LNC creates practical, culturally-aware materials in English and Spanish that help Latinos combine the best of their healthy food traditions with the realities of modern American life.  

National Hispanic Medical Association


The mission of the National Hispanic Medical Association is toaddress the interests and concerns of 36,000 licensed physicians and 1,800 full-time Hispanic medical faculty dedicated to teaching medical and health services research. Its agenda includes expanding access to quality health care, increasing opportunities in medical education, cultural competence, and research for Latinos, and policy development and education efforts focused on eliminating health disparities faced by Latinos.




National Alliance for Hispanic Health (the Alliance)

The alliance is a science-based non-profit organization that focuses on improving the health and well-being of Hispanics. Since 1973, the Alliance has grown from a small coalition of visionary mental health providers to a large and dynamic,   group of organizations and individuals. The alliance represents all Hispanic groups, and is dedicated to community-based solutions.



National Council of LaRaza (NCLR)


The mission of the National Council of LaRaza is to reduce poverty and discrimination, and improve life opportunities for Hispanic Americans. What the NAACP is for African-Americans, NCLR is for Hispanics. It promotes and protects the rights of “la raza” or “the race” to experience equal rights, education, gainful employment, affordable housing, and adequate health care in America.