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Choose a Daily Quote for Spiritual Health, Enlightenment and Strength

Two Easy Ways to Choose Your Daily Saying or Verse

An Overview
Our Spiritual Health Channel recognizes the important links between

  • mental health
  • physical health
  • our beliefs, and our faiths (spiritual health)

We also consider the following experiences closely related to spiritual health:

  • feelings of love – for self, others and nature
  • joy of living
  • inner peace
  • faith in a higher being or force, or in a perceived inner force
  • belief in others

Religion and meditation are also closely associated with spirituality. In fact, they involve believing beyond what one can physically experience, like seeing and hearing. Spirituality and spiritual health also link the Creator (or source) with the created (humanity and other living things). It also links all living things to each other.

Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, muscle relaxation and similar practices reduce stress, and stress reduction has been associated with the prevention and control of a wide variety of diseases.

The items in this channel are intended to improve the spiritual health of our users, given both the understood and still mystical links between physical, mental and spiritual health.