10 Tips on Preventing Childhood Obesity [A Health Power Tip Sheet]


10 Tips on Preventing Childhood Obesity for National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Tip 1. Work at being healthy yourself. Remember: experts say that a child who lives in the house with two obese parents has an 80 % percent risk of becoming overweight, and if he or she has only one parent who is obese, the risk is 70%. The risk drops to 7% if both parents are normal weight.

Tip 2.  Cook at home. The more families eat at fast food restaurants, the greater the risk of being overweight.

Tip 3.  Give up the soft drinks. They are high in calories and loaded with sugar.

Tip 4.  Substitute healthy snacks for chips, cupcakes and other fattening, salty foods you buy for kids.

Tip 5. Buy more fresh fruits and vegetables. If you can’t get the freshest vegetables, move to frozen vegetables.

Tip 6.  Reduce the amount of fatty meats you buy and cook.

Tip 7.  Cut back on fried foods, such as chicken and fish. Those ‘french fries’, that children and adults love  from the many fast food stores that crowd some communities, help to clog up the arteries and pack on the weight.

Tip 8. Control food portions. The portion sizes of meals has tripled. We are eating more food than we need. No need for seconds and thirds.

Tip 9. Get everybody moving. Turn off the television, go for walks, or go to the community center or Y to exercise.

Tip 10. Be an Advocate by doing the following:

–          At your child’s school, push for outdoor recess, gym classes, and after-school athletics.

–          Ask your school administrators about replacing soda and candy with healthy water, fruits and snacks

–          Tell your public officials that you want more safe places for kids to play in your area, and

–          Support Farmer’s Markets that help to provide fresh, affordable and accessible food to your community.

The Health Power website, at www.healthpowerforminorities.com, has many other helpful tip sheets including:

– Healthy and delicious recipes in its Food and Fitness Channel, and

–  A special section on Overweight and Obesity.

Remember our motto: Knowledge + Action = Power! ®

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