New Health Power Website: Centerpiece of our National Minority Health Communication Network

We are pleased to share with you our new Health Power website, which is here for you. The website is:

  • The centerpiece of our National Minority Health Communication Network; and
  • Independently ranked by Google, Yahoo and Bing as the No. 1 source of health information for minorities/multicultural populations, worldwide.
    These three search engines, together represent more than 90 percent of the total search engine industry.

While our customized, or tailored, health information, messages, and tools are especially produced and distributed to help minorities improve their physical, mental and spiritual health, many others will also find them interesting and helpful.

This new Health Power website was produced after many lessons and skills learned since developing and operating a Health Power website started in 2007.

The many website and related experiences gained since then have included work with many organizations and individuals during the process of:

  •  Website information, messages and tools production
  •  Cross-linking
  •  Blogging
  •  Social media/networking exchanging
  •  Wide scale e-blasting
  •  Conduct of focus groups
  •  Conduct of workshops and conferences

Our website has now become “The Centerpiece” of our 13-channel, or platform, National Minority Health Communication Network, and several key additional channels are planned. Also, check out our Blog before you leave, or soon, because it’s also here for you, and 

Remember our motto, or tagline: Knowledge + Action = Power!®

To your good health, Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually – Health Power –


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