Women’s History Month and National Nutrition Month Highlights

Our 2014 Women’s History Salute   

Saluting the Achievements and Contributions of Women of Color

With great pleasure, Health Power has honored 18 outstanding women of color, ranging from Soledad O’Brien to Patti LaBelle. They were recognized for their contributions to the physical, mental and/or spiritual health of people of color, and each has contributed much to the history of minority/multicultural women. We proudly introduce them in our website

titles are those at the time we honored them. 

Click here to see these 18 women, and you will recognize with us why they were singled out for special recognition.
We also appreciate and salute women of color as a group – both professional and unprofessional, especially for the valuable and diverse contributions they make, in spite of the physical, mental and spiritual challenges they often experience, and almost always overcome.
That includes their being:  
  • Successful in their family lives;
  • Successful in their workplaces; and 
  • Successful in their communities.
Special Thoughts:
– Unfortunately, for too many women, the challenges of daily or nightly     living include experiencing physical,verbal, or mental/psychological abuse.
They must know that they don’t have to accept it, and others and others who are aware of it must not be silent observers. 
See our website Section on Violence for Tip Sheets and other helpful information.

It’s also National Nutrition Month, so 


Visit our website’s Food and Fitness Channel 


and try a Celebrity or Cultural Specialty Recipe

Our Special Gift 
for Black History Month:


We are very pleased to share the Awesome infographic,
“Celebrating Black History  365 24/7” by

Dr. Alice Tyler Milton,whose sub-title is: ‘Understanding Wisdom and FOREVER Appreciating the Past’. It has loads of photos, bio-sketches and other ‘good stuff’. So click away (See link at bottom of this page).


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