24 States Still Denying Needed ACA Funded Medicaid Services

Twenty-two(22) of the 24 states (88%) withholding ACA funded Medicaid services to those in need have Republican Governors, suggesting that the decisions of many, if not all of them, are politically motivated.


We reported in June that 22 states had not expanded their Medicaid programs, as planned for under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, although such expansion is fully funded for the first 3 years, and then have 90% funding until 2020. States can withhold ACA expanded services to their needy because of the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) June 2012 ruling allowing them to “opt out” without penalty if they choose to: (a) deny expanded Medicaid services, and/or (b) not establish  State Exchanges to facilitate ACA Enrollment.

The table below indicates which states are providing, and denying, ACA funded expanded Medicaid services. The latest published Kaiser Family Foundation report in June on the withholding states was used for the Health Power June 2014 Medicaid Expansion Withholding States Report, and our August report was based on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Urban Institute report entitled “What is the Result of States Not Expanding Medicaid?”.

Politics Greatly Influencing Denial of Needed Expanded Medicaid Services 

There are now two additional withholding states, or 48% of all states, with Pennsylvania and Utah having moved to denial status due to delaying debates in one or both of their state legislatures. Legislative obstacles also continue to delay Medicaid expansion in Virginia. We consider politics the primary motivation for denial of expanded Medicaid services because of the 24 withholding states, 21 or 88% have Republican governors.

Our May 13th blog post, “10 Reasons Holdout States Must Stop Denying Funded Affordable Care Act/Obamacare Health Services, highlighted major individual, organizational, community and statewide losses in denying states.



August 2014 Health Power Table on ACA Funded Medicaid Expansion


U.S States and DC                           
States with Medicaid Expansion
States Not Expanding Medicaid
Political Party of Governor (R), (D), (I)
Alabama    X  R
Alaska    X  R
Arizona  X    R
Arkansas  X    D
California  X    D
Colorado  X    D
Connecticut  X    D
Delaware  X    D
District of Columbia X   D
Florida    X  R
Georgia    X  R
Hawaii  X    D
Idaho    X  R
Illinois  X    D
Indiana    X  R
Iowa  X    R
Kansas    X  R
Kentucky  X   D
Louisiana    X  R
Maine    X  R
Maryland  X    D
Massachusetts  X    D
Michigan  X    R
Minnesota  X    D
Mississippi    X  R



Montana    X  D
Nebraska    X  R
Nevada  X    R
New Jersey  X    R
New Hampshire  X    D
New York  X    D
New Mexico  X    R
North Carolina    X  R
North Dakota  X    R
Ohio  X    R
Oklahoma    X  R
Oregon  X    D
Pennsylvania   X
Rhode Island  X    I
South Carolina    X  R
South Dakota    X  R
Tennessee    X  R
Texas    X  R
Utah    X  R
Vermont  X    D
Virginia    X  D
Washington  X   D
West Virginia  X    D
Wisconsin    X  R
Wyoming    X  R

In Virginia, the ACA supportive Democratic Governor is being blocked on Medicaid expansion by a Republican legislature, and in Pennsylvania and Utah, debate in one or both legislative branches has resulted in expected expansion in June. The latter two governors are Republicans.

 We will continue to provide monthly updates of our table on the number of “Withholding States” monthly, as well as our Affordable Care Act/Obamacare Package of key information and tools below in order to:

  • Help “Spread the Word” with a user-friendly tool; and
  • Help decrease the unacceptable level of silence. 

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  By Norma J. Goodwin, M.D., Founder and President, Health Power – Republished for ACA Enrollment Cycle 2 . . .


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