30 Ways to Help the Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health of Children


A key way to help prevent child abuse is to promote the well-being of yourself, your children, and  your grandchildren.

By well-being  we mean helping children to be both healthy AND happy.  Experts with the federal Administration on Children, Youth and Families have identified 30 ways to help connect with the children you care for, and to help promote their well-being, and

                            Health Power supports these recommendations:


1.    Write down questions for your next appointment with your child’s doctor.

2.    Share your personal accomplishments with others via Facebook or Twitter.

3.    Talk to friends about organizing a babysitting co-op.

4.    Establish a daily routine so your child knows what to expect.

5.    Get outside! Start a parent/child walking or biking club with neighbors.

6.    Talk to your faith community about starting a parent-support ministry.

7.    Have a family game night! Even young children can play board games on an adult’s “team.”

8.    Explore the world from your child’s point of view.

9.    Set goals for yourself and list the steps you will need to take to accomplish them.

10.  Find out what classes your library or community center offers. Sign up for one that interests you.

11.  “Catch” your children being good. Praise them often.

12.  Make a play date with friends who have children the same ages as yours.

13.  Plant a pinwheel garden with your child in your front yard, near your mail box, or on your front porch.

14.  Ask your children who is important to them.

15.  Reflect on the parenting you received as a child and how that impacts how you parent today.

16.  Make time to do something YOU enjoy.

17.  Dial “2-1-1” to find out about organizations that support families in your area.

18.  Role play emotions with your child—what do you do when you’re happy, sad, or frustrated?

19.  Find and join a local parent or community café, like Circle of Parents®. http://www.circleofparents.org/

20.  Hold, cuddle, and hug your children often.

21.  Make something with your child. Arts and crafts are fun for adults, too!

22.  Find a local parenting group (e.g., MOPS). http://www.mops.org/

23.  Talk to a trusted friend when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, or sad.

24.  Ask your school principal or PTA to host a community resource night.

25.  Teach your child to resolve conflicts peacefully.

26.  Join a Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop with your children.

27.  Host a potluck dinner with neighborhood families to swap parenting stories.

28.  Volunteer at your child’s school.

29.  Spend time observing what your child can and cannot do. Discuss any concerns with your child’s teacher.

30.  Treat yourself to a spa day at home: Take a bubble bath, try a facial mask, and paint your nails a new color.

Taken from: 30 Ways to Promote Child Well-Being During National Child Abuse Prevention Month


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