5 Useful Tips to Prevent Hepatitis B

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Hepatitis B infection is caused by the HBV virus. Children and infants are more at risk of hepatitis B, but the good news is that a majority of affected persons recover from the condition.

It’s a common problem in the US. Around 1.7% Hispanic females lose their lives to this infection every year. Moreover, 1.6% African American females die due to hepatitis B.

Most people can recover from acute hepatitis B within weeks. But if its symptoms prevail for more than 6 months, it indicates the affected person is suffering from chronic hepatitis B.

It’s can prevent hepatitis B in the first place through certain precautionary measures. Here are 5 of these:

1.     Vaccination

HBV vaccines, at the time of birth, strengthen the immune system so that it can resist HBV virus. Newborns need three injections within the first six months after their birth. Babies of mothers who have hepatitis B are more likely to develop this infection sooner or later. So, you should vaccinate your child at the earliest.

However, even if your child wasn’t vaccinated against HBV virus, catch-up hepatitis B vaccine can protect them from this disease. This vaccine is suitable for teenagers who weren’t vaccinated during their early childhood and are becoming sexually active.

Pregnant women, healthcare workers, drug addicts, homosexual males, and people who frequently travel to developing or underdeveloped countries are at a higher risk of hepatitis B. You should get a booster dose to reduce the risk. But before you go for booster vaccination, make sure you discuss its benefits and risks with your doctor.

2.     Be Careful with Body Piercings

Activities such as body piercing and tattooing may attract you, but they increase the risk of hepatitis B infection.

Therefore, you should be careful with body piercings and tattooing. Always opt for a shop that has a reputation for practicing good hygiene. If they properly sterilize the equipment, you won’t need to worry about the infection.

3.     Opt for Safe Sex

Sexual intercourse can increase the risk of hepatitis B. You may get infected during sexual activities if your partner is suffering from hepatitis. So, practice safe sex and use a condom during sexual intercourse for your own safety.

4.     Stay Away from Drugs

Many drug addicts use syringes or needles to inject drugs including heroin. Not only does it impact your health but also makes you prone to get infected with hepatitis B.

Drug addicts often share needles with each other. If the other person is suffering from hepatitis B, the virus may also enter your body when you inject drugs with the needle.

5.     Keep Your Immune System Strong

A strong immune system offers higher resistance against HBV virus. Adopt a healthy lifestyle to stay safe from hepatitis B. Get enough sleep at night and take a healthy diet. Get supplements for vitamins A, C, and D for a strong immune system.

Now that you know how you can prevent hepatitis B infection, it’s important you should get vaccinated and improve your lifestyle to live a healthy life.

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