7 Tips to Prevent Stroke from Happening

Stroke- Tips

The risk of having a stroke increases as you age, and your genes also play an important role in determining the risk of it. These factors are definitely beyond our control, but it does not mean that we cannot do anything to evade and prevent stroke from happening. The third most important factor that determines the risk of stroke is the lifestyle.

We are in complete control of how we spend our lives. Leading a healthy disease free lifestyle should be everyone’s priority. Leading a healthy life has never been easier thanks to all the educational material providing awareness that is easily accessible. Choosing to live a healthy life depends solely on us.

Stroke is a dangerous medical situation that can often easily be avoided. For some people who are at a greater risk of having a stroke, there is a need to take extra care to prevent stroke.

What Should Be Done?

The following tips can help you increase the chance of leading a healthier and longer life and prevent stroke.

Healthier blood pressure

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure through some life changes is highly achievable. High blood pressure in general is what triggers stroke; it is one of the most common reason for strokes in both men and women.

By employing simple life changes like a healthier diet which is low in sodium and cholesterol one can improve blood pressure drastically. Avoid eating excess salt or greasy high cholesterol food to stay healthier. Eating well balanced meals every day along with regular physical activity can drastically improve blood pressure.

Don’t be overweight

Obese people are the most at risk. Obese people are not only more prone to stroke, they also develop several other diseases which affect their heart and overall well being. Losing some of the excess weight can drastically help in preventing stroke.

A healthy weight can be maintained by eating a caloric deficient yet healthy diet and doing some regular exercise. Participating in physical activities and playing sports that you enjoy can help in staying in shape.


People who exercise are usually happier and healthier. Along with reducing weight and maintaining blood pressure, regular exercise can also help you maintain a healthy heart and prevent stroke.

Staying physically active everyday by going out on short walks or going to a proper gym can help you stay in shape and prevent dangerous diseases like stroke.

Drink in moderation

Consuming alcohol in limited quantities can provide with some health benefits. But when alcohol is consumed without consideration it can multiply the risk of stroke.

Alcohol should be avoided to stay away from abuse, one small cup of red wine a day should be the maximum that can be safely consumed.

Have a healthier heart

A healthy heart can lead to a healthy body. A healthy heart is directly correlated with a reduced risk of stroke. Consult a doctor to help you target a healthier heart.

Diabetes needs to stay in control

Going to a doctor to help with diabetes treatment can also directly prevent stroke from happening.

Stop smoking

Smoking is one of the worse habits any one can have, as it is known to promote clot formation and thus stroke. Quitting smoking can help you really reduce the risk of stroke from happening.

The Bottom Line

When leading a healthier lifestyle you not only stay away from dangerous fatal diseases, you also feel on top of the world. Feeling positive and optimistic can result in an overall pleasant life. These tips will help you prevent stroke and lead a more fit life.


Remember the Health Power motto: Knowledge + Action = Power!

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