Goodwin Poetry Corner

Goodwin Poetry Corner

Poems by Helen J. Goodwin, Ph.D., Mother of Norma J. Goodwin, M.D., President of Health Power.

Just Today

Tomorrow is not yours to live
You can only live today.
Yesterday is over
And has quietly slipped away.

Today is the only time you have
To plan, work and succeed.
You can’t borrow from the future
If additional time you need.

There are only sixty seconds
In each minute that you use.
And there are only sixty seconds
In each minute you abuse.

So leave the past behind you,
For your yesterdays are gone.
Tomorrow is not promised.
Today is all you own.

Don’t worry about the problems
That fate may bring your way.
Just make the world a better place,
Because you lived today.

By Helen J. Goodwin, Ph.D.*



God spoke and changed darkness and space
into a world for our dwelling place,
Vitamins in abundance were placed in the ground
And these healthy nutrients in plant life were found.

Lush forests grew and in accord with God’s plan,
Their deep winding roots protected the land.
None depended on chance for each rock and hill,
Each valley and mountain was balanced with skill.

There were fruit laden trees, and soft breezes blowing.
Birds singing sweetly and clear waters flowing.
There were no dangerous chemicals or huge piles of waste
In this home that God made for our dwelling place.

God was so pleased with the works of His hands, 
But his plan for the world, we didn’t understand.
So as centuries passed, we gradually changed
The world which God, the Creator, arranged.

By Helen J. Goodwin, Ph.D.*




The Power in a Touch

If your body is filled with aches and pains
and you cannot find relief,
If disappointment and despair
have filled your heart with grief;

If your spirit within is broken
and burdened with countless fears,
If your eyes can’t see the sunlight
because they’re blinded by your tears;

If you have so many problems
that you don’t know what to do
and the friends in whom you trusted
Have all turned their backs on you.

You don’t have to keep on struggling
And you don’t have to be afraid,
Because Jesus Christ who cares for you
Still lives and is not dead.

Christ will hear you if you call,
and will never answer no.
If you only reach out and touch Christ,
Power from Christ to you will flow.

That touch will heal your spirit
Though some pain may still remain.
That touch will help you realize,
That your efforts are not in vain.

That touch will give you needed strength
To keep on keeping on.
That touch will bring assurance
That you no longer are alone.

By Helen J. Goodwin, Ph.D.*




Faith is Believing

When your way is covered with darkness
and you can’t see a flicker of light,
Faith is believing that morning will come
and the sun’s rays will banish your night.

When the seeds which you sowed by the wayside
are sleeping beneath ice and snow,
Faith is believing the winter will pass
and in spring they will take root and grow.

When the storms of life are raging
and the sea billows angrily roll,
Faith is believing that in spite of the tempest
Christ can speak peace to your soul.

When the efforts you’ve exerted seem useless, 
For your well laid plans all fell through,
Faith is believing that if you keep on,
All things will work out for you.

When it seems God is far, far away
and you scarcely know what to do,
Faith is believing if you reach up to God,
That God will reach down to you.

By Helen J. Goodwin, Ph.D.*

*Among more than 150 poems by the mother of Health Power’s President, who teamed with her as Co-Editor.
Copyright 2002