About Epilepsy for National Epilepsy Awareness Month – Video with Greg Grunberg and Dr. Christi Heck

Dr. Norma Goodwin, President of Health Power for Minorities, interviews

  • Greg Grunberg, actor, writer and producer in various media productions including X-Wing fighter Snap Wesley in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and as Commander Finnegan in “Star Trek Beyond”, and
  • Dr. Christi Heck from The Epilepsy Foundation and Medical Director of The University of Southern California Comprehensive Epilepsy Program.

Grunberg discusses his son’s experience with epilepsy, which led him as a parent to become an active advocate for the “Talk About It!” campaign. The campaign urges people with epilepsy, their family, friends and communities to talk about the challenges kids with epilepsy face and how they can be supported.

Dr. Heck, whose research focuses on innovative approaches to treating epilepsy, discusses how epilepsy is diagnosed and treated, and gives key web addresses.

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