Our Big 4 Special Targets

Each of our “Big 4 Targets” is related to the prevention and/or control of the other three conditions

By Darci L. Graves, MA, MPP, Health Power Editor

Spring is a time of growth and rebirth. This holds true for the things in nature as well as for ourselves. Over the course of the long cold months (and maybe a little longer than that), we forget about the importance of moving a lot, breathing fresh air and focusing on fresh and healthy foods. Those extra winter pounds, and time spent on the couch can provide more than just wardrobe woes.

Extra weight and a sedentary, or inactive, lifestyle can contribute to four ‘big’ health concerns – Overweight and Obesity, diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

Obesity, which is becoming epidemic, especially in African American and Hispanic women, increases a person’s risk of developing diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. So one thing you can do to add a healthy spring to your step this April is to make sure you take care of yourself. If your goal is to lose some of that extra winter weight and get active, you should check with your doctor first.

To create a plan for ‘springing’ into health

  • See your doctor or another qualified health professional
  • Set your goals (such as, lose a certain number of pounds, or lower your blood pressure by a certain amount)
  • Work together to create a plan

If you are interested in spring cleaning, just setting up some new healthy habits like the following may be of interest:

v  Spring clean your pantry, cabinets, and freezer

v  Plant a vegetable garden in your yard or on your porch or balcony

v  Find your local farmer’s markets

v  Go for a walk, hike or bike ride

v  Take the kids to the park or playground

v  Plan a healthy picnic

v  Embrace the sunshine (with the sunblock)

v  Play a game of tag with the kids, or fetch with the dog

So go forth, act afresh, dust off the winter’s cobwebs and embrace this time of growth and rebirth.

Happy Spring!

Remember the Health Power motto, or tagline:

Knowledge + Action = Power! ®

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