Back to School Walking, Biking and Riding Tips

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“Back to School Safety Month” Tips

With summer coming to a close, kids everywhere will soon be heading off to school, and many parents will be concerned about sending their child off to school without them. Furthermore, for many parents this will be the first time. While children get to school in different ways, if they’re not close enough to walk, the yellow school bus is even safer than the family car.  However, getting off and on the school bus is where the true risk of injury comes in.

Following are tips for parents and other caregivers to keep their kids safe in regard to:  walking safety, bicycle safety and most of all, school bus safety:

Walking Safety

1. Teach kids to always look left, right, and then left again before crossing a street.

2. Keep to a sidewalk and crosswalk to be visible to drivers.

3. Have your child walk with an adult or with a group of children whenever possible.
Bicycle Safety

1. Be certain the helmet and the bike are the right fit.

2. Before every ride, check the following  ABC’s of bike safety:

– Air

– Brakes

– Chain

3.When crossing the street with a bike, have your child walk the bike across when it is safe to do so.

School Bus Safety

1. The greatest danger involving school buses isn’t riding a bus: it’s the school bus stop. Be sure there’s six feet (three big steps) between your child and the curb.

2.  Teach your child about the danger zone “10 feet in front of, behind, and on each side of the bus.


Be sure your kids know the above key safety “rules” before they set foot in school this fall, since they will help keep them safe every day. No matter whether they’re walking, biking, or riding to school, now’s a great time to talk to kids about all three of these activities, since they will give them “best safety practices” they need to know.

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