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Diabetes: Don’t Claim It!  Manage It!

Provides a broad range of information, suggestions and examples for ‘Living Well with Diabetes’, and ‘Eating Soulfully’, from books by the Blogs, author.  Articles by Constance Brown Riggs, who is a Registered Dietician, Certified Diabetes Educator, and Editor on Health Power’s ‘Food and Fitness Channel’.

Blog URL:  http://eatingsoulfully.com/blog/

Blog Contact:  constance@eatingsoulfully.com


  Spice Sherpa

Everyone deserves good taste.  Spice Sherpa, published by Karen Marley, provides help and advice on choosing and using spices, spice resources and accessories to make your food easier, healthier, and tastier.

Blog URL:  http://www.spicesherpa.com

Blog Contact:  spicesherpa@frontier.com


 Me Redone

“Me Redone” believes that it’s never to late to change, to “redo” your life, and that small changes can make an enormous difference.  This Blog’s theme is:  “Health & Happiness with a Tough of Humor”.  It’s about the favorite healthy recipes, products, styles, organizational tips, places, and anything that inspires Sara Tenenbein to live her healthiest life as her healthiest self.

Blog URL: http://www.meredone.com/

Blog Contact:  sara@meredone.com