Celebrate the “Original Americans”

This November marks the 23rd celebration of Native American, or American Indian, & Alaska Native Heritage Month (called hereafter Native American). The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services designated this year’s theme as “Native Families Moving Ahead: Together We Strengthen Our Nations”. The month of November was selected because of the number of American Indian & Alaska Native traditions associated with this time of year.


All too often when we think of American Indians and Alaskan Natives, we think of caricatures rather than individuals. Many of us may not know someone personally who identifies as an American Indian or Alaskan Native. So this November, let’s move together by learning more about “The Original Americans”,   who were here long before any of us.

Learn more about Native Americans by visiting Health Power’s Native American/American Indian Channel, which includes:

–        Native American Recipes (try one)

–       The Native American Food Pyramid

–       About Alaska Natives

–       Quotes by Well Known & Unknown Native Americans

–       Key article on “Respect, Balance, Health & the 3 Sisters

–       Preventing Diabetes in Native Americans

Remember, Knowledge + Action + Power!(c)


To Your Good Health, Spiritually, Mentally and Spiritually,

Dr. Goodwin

Founder and President

Health Power for Minorities

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