Cooking Good and Eating Healthy Tip – Part Two

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In part 1 of “Cooking Good and Eating Healthy”, we talked about the need for more consumer-friendly healthy eating information and tools.
Whereas we highlighted our numerous culturally relevant, healthy and delicious recipes in Part 1, we are glad to now share a variety of
our Health Power “Healthy Eating Tip Sheets”, knowing that you will find some of them helpful for “Cooking Good and Eating Healthy”.

So check these Tip Sheets out, and let us know which ones worked for you. 
Remember, Health Power is looking for your feedback on our Tip Sheets, and for your suggestions about other Tip Sheets you would like us to do.
Also, check out the Health Power Tip Sheet Section for other Tip Sheets you may find helpful.

Remember the Health Power motto:  Knowledge + Action = Power!

To your good health – physically, mentally and spiritually

Dr. Norma Goodwin

Founder & President
Health Power


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