Cooking Good & Eating Healthy Tips

Cooking Good & Eating Healthy Tips

 Cooking Good Health Tips Sheet No. 1 by
Leah Chase and Johnny Rivers

Choose from this side Instead of the matching item on this side
Poultry with skin removed Regular poultry
Fish Frequent meat
Lean meats such as round, sirloin, loin, lean and extra lean ground beef High fat meat
Bean and grain dishes Refined or white rice
Skinless chicken thighs Neck bone(s)
Turkey Thighs Ham hocks and fatback
Small amount of vegetable oil at room temperature Lard, butter or other fats that are hard
Turkey bacon, lean ham Pork bacon
Ground skinless turkey breast Pork sausage
Ground skinless turkey breast Ground beef and ground pork
Low fat (1 or 2 %)or non-fat or skim milk Whole milk
Low fat or part skim milk cheeses Whole milk cheeses
Evaporated skim milk Cream
Mustard on sandwiches Regular mayonnaise on sandwiches
Nonfat or low fat dressing, yogurt or mayonnaise Regular mayonnaise in salads
Fruits and vegetables without added fat Avocado, olives, other oily fruits & vegetables as salad garnishes
Low sodium bouillon and broths Regular bouillon and broths

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