Health and Fitness: Exercise for Lower Blood Pressure

There’s Nothing Like Moving A Lot to Make you Feel Good!

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Most people who are not overweight are very active. In fact, they bend, stand and walk a lot. Below are some ways you can improve your health and fitness with easy-to-do exercises and activities.

  • When you’re watching TV, using the computer, or reading, stand every 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Do 1 or 2 flights of stairs whenever you can.
  • Get off the bus or subway a stop before your stop.
  • When you go food shopping, park as far away in the parking lot as possible.
  • Stretch, or reach to the sky often.
  • Stand against the wall and reach to the floor.
  • Sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping is good for fitness.
  • Do gardening, and rake, if it’s possible.
  • Walk for errands.
  • Sit in a chair – then get up and sit down again – and repeat this 10 times.
  • One more tip: As you become more active, keep doing more to become still more active.

Remember: Knowledge + Action = Power! 

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