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Tip Sheets like “Walking for the Health of it“,  and “Number of calories burned from different activities”  

Predicted Exercise Trends – American Council on Exercise ( 


–       More fitness programming for older adults.

–       Simple exercise habits like daily walking will gain in popularity

–       More employers will encourage fitness and weight loss.

–       Blending mind-body programs like yoga with usual exercises



It’s Time to Re-set Your Fitness Goals—For Real!
Calories Different Activities Burn Off
Getting in Shape Tips
Moving for the Health of it Tips
Walking for Health and Fitness Tip Sheet No. 1
Walking for Health and Fitness Tip Sheet No. 2


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ARE YOU MOVING YET? And Did You Know That?

·         Thin people move more in their daily lives, and

·         Generally, they don’t sit still . . .

·         They bend, stand, move and walk a lot.

So let’s get moving!


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