Fractured Truths – Osteoporosis Myths

Health Power’s President, Dr. Norma Goodwin, interviews Dr. Tara Allmen, a Board Certified Gynecologist and Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner (NCMP). Dr Alllmen is also the author of the book “Menopause Confidential, A Doctor Reveals The Secrets To Thriving Through Midlife.”  Dr. Allmen is one of the leading experts in midlife women’s health and she talks about Osteoporosis myths.

Dr. Allmen helps clarify some of the “Fractured Truths” surrounding osteoporosis, which isn’t your grandmother’s disease, as women as young as 50 can be affected. In fact, a fracture could be the first clue that a postmenopausal woman has osteoporosis, a silent disease.


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