Great Diabetes Strategies For Healthy Lifestyles


If you are living with diabetes or have a loved one with the disease, it’s important to have good strategies for action in order to stay healthy and prevent complications.  Although managing diabetes is not always easy, staying one step ahead of your diabetes with good planning and good strategies can make it easier.  Consider these:

Dining Out

  • See if the kitchen is timely because delayed service could cause a drop in your blood sugar.
  • Start your meal with soup. It will cut the number of calories in the overall meal.
  • Consider your timing. Wait until your meal is served before you begin your glass of wine if your healthcare provider has said a glass of wine with dinner is okay.
  • If you’re eating out and receive a large portion, save part of it to go as your doggie bag.


  • Pack one week of medication and supplies for your diabetes.
  • Keep all your meds and supplies with you in case your luggage is lost, and keep your original containers with them.
  • Take snacks in case your blood sugar goes low.

Party Time

  • Have a slight snack before you go out, like peanuts, and in small amounts during the event so as to limit heavy eating.
  • Offer to bring a dish everyone will love, and make it low carb and high fiber.
  • Dance the night away – for fun and to raise energy, which will help to regulate your blood sugar level.
  • Walk for the health of it – Move everyday because exercise is key.  you can just walk for 30 minutes daily or 15 minutes twice a day.  In other words, walk for the health of it.

Downsizing your portions

  • Eat less of what you want.
  • Store and freeze portions as single servings.
  • Use healthier snacks. Don’t buy and store unhealthy snacks – like chips and pretzels, and you won’t eat them.  Furthermore. with healthy snacks, you can eat more.

Don’t let diabetes stop you from living life and enjoying it!


Remember the Health Power motto: Knowledge + Action = Power!


Source: Special Supplement to Diabetes Health Monitor


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