Health Information Service for Men of Color


Health Information Service for Men of Color

Men in the U.S. die 5 years earlier than women, and men of color die even earlier.  Health Power for Minorities (Health Power) and the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies (Joint Center) are committed to helping men of color live healthier, longer, and more enjoyable lives.  As a result, we will also be increasing their social and financial contributions – to themselves, to those who love them, to their communities, and to society as a whole.




I. Introduction 

  • Why Men’s Health is being Redefined and Targeted 
  • Men’s Health is Also a Women’s Health and Family Health Issue 
  • Men’s Health Needs, Especially for Men of Color 

II. Five (5) Key Pathways to Achieving Men’s Health


  • The Health Power Website – As a Home for Men’s Health 
  • Promoting Paternal Involvement in Pregnancy Outcome 
  • A Focus on the Life Course, or Key Life Experiences 
  • Recommendations of the Joint Center’s Commission on Paternal Involvement on Pregnancy Outcomes (CPIPO) 
  • Establishment of a National Office on Men’s Health

III.  Relationship to Other Key Efforts, and Conclusion

IV.  Key Sources in Developing this Project