Health Power Recognized as Leading Source of Health Information for Minorities Worldwide

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#HealthPower’s online health information and promotion service is now more informative and helpful than ever. We are pleased to share key 2013 successes.By producing and providing customized, authoritative and culturally relevant health information for minority health improvement, the user-friendly website at, and linked blog, help users and visitors take control of their own personal health. Further, Health Power is now recognized by #Google as the leading source of health information for minorities worldwide. It is primarily focusing on four major health issues that are called “The Big 4”- diabetes,obesity, hypertension, and heart disease, because each condition often has a positive or negative effect on one or more of the other three conditions. Related health and wellness lifestyles and health practices are an associated focus.

Having now grown our website to over 1500 pages, we offer monthly minority health updates that focus on #African Americans, #Hispanics, #Asian Americans, and #Native Americans, thus motivating and helping website and blog users take personal action to achieve better health.With unique content on every page, the advanced website includes a dual marketing infrastructure that reaches out and provides information for different ages, genders, races and ethnicities. The easily accessible online Resource Directory provides key information on more than 80 other organizations, and our #blog posts, which promote sharing of health information, experiences and opinions,are organized in alpha order for easy selection.In addition, the site has 25 well-recognized and culturally competent contributing editors and advisors with expertise in health, medicine and minority/multicultural health. Further, there are 20 cross-linked organizational web partners with more health information for minorities.The site now also provides easily readable and understandable information on the  #Affordable Care Act, or #Obamacare.


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Working steadily for the health of minority/multicultural populations, and others, we continue to make progress in our efforts to provide a full range of information and tools for consumers, including patients and their providers.Using robust search and navigational platforms, the website provides multi-channel media health information, and tools to help consumers make more informed and confident decisions about their physical, mental and spiritual health, thus increasing their health literacy. In partnership with the private, non-profit and public sectors, we also provide consultative advisory, training and educational services to develop and enhance culturally relevant programs, services and activities.

To quote Health Power Founder, President and CEO, “we are fully committed to the goal of improving the health of of multicultural racial and ethnic minority populations. We also plan to continue our far-reaching worldwide impact and promote greater inclusion, thus helping minorities and organizations to find reliable more easily, ultimately leading to longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. We are very pleased with our accomplishments,and the success of our easy to read, user-friendly information and tools, which help consumers gain and maintain greater health through disease prevention, early detection and control”. The website and blog cover everything from food and fitness including cultural specialty recipes, major killers and disablers of minorities, Health Power Tips Sheets, Teen Power, mental health, spiritual health, health and population trends, and much more.
Health Power’s tagline, or motto, is:  Knowledge + Action = Power!
Norma J. Goodwin, MD
Founder, President & CEO
Health Power



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