Health Power Tech – Health Connection™

Health Power Tech – Health Connection™


Welcome to Health Power Tech– Health Connection™ (Tech-Health Connection™), where we will be sharing digital information, messages and tools -for interested consumers and providers. Issues to be addressed will include:

  • Who is using the internet,
  • What it’s being used for, and
  • How it can be used more effectively for health improvement. 

We’re producing Tech-Health Connection™ because:

  • As everyone knows, we now live in a “Digital World“,
  • Digital communications and interactions are used much less by minorities in the U.S. for health related purposes than by non-minorities, and
  • “High Tech” digital communications are increasingly used for health related purposes,
  • Health Power is convinced that unless there is an increased availability and use of user-friendly and culturally relevant digital health information, messages and tools by minorities, racial and ethnic health disparities are likely to widen in this “Digital World”, delaying further the greatly needed achievement of Health Equity .

Who’s Using the Internet

Information from the Pew Research Center reveals that:

– 84% of all US adults with incomes below $30,000 have cell phones, and 47% own smartphones.

– 56% of Hispanics in the US use the Internet

– 60% of Blacks in the US use the Internet

– 71% of Whites in the US use the Internet

Limited  English literacy and lower levels of education largely explain differences in use rates between Hispanics, Blacks and Whites. For example, while 78% of Hispanics who are English dominant and 76% of bilingual Hispanics use the Internet, only 32% of Spanish dominant Hispanics do so.

So, welcome again to the Health Power Tech- Health Connection™.

We are convinced that this monthly column will help us all better “get with the program” regarding health related “high tech”/ digital information and services. Also, send us your feedback at

Remember our motto, or tagline: Knowledge + Action = Power!™