Holiday Cooking Tip Sheet

Holiday Cooking Tip Sheet


Cooking good for the holidays


Cooking Turkey or Other Poultry & the Trimmings

Choose This. . . Instead of this. . .
Remove or skip (most of) the skin Having turkey (or other poultry) as usual
Roast, bake, or stew Frying
Cooking the stuffing separately In the turkey/poultry where fatty drippings soak in
Season with skinless smoked turkey wings, breasts, or thighs, or liquid smoke Ham hocks, neck bones, fatback and lard
Turkey bacon Pork bacon
Turkey sausage Pork sausage
Ground skinless turkey or chicken breast Ground beef or ground pork
Low sodium bouillon and broths Regular bouillon and broths
Fresh garlic and onion Garlic and onion salt, or powder


Preparing Side Dishes like Macaroni & Cheese, Potato Salad, & Pastas

Choose This. . . Instead of this. . .
Low fat or part skim milk cheeses Whole milk cheeses
Low sodium cheeses Regular cheeses
2 egg whites 1 whole egg
Evaporated skim milk Cream
Non-fat or low fat mayonnaise, dressing or yogurt Regular mayonnaise for salads
Non-fatty fruits and vegetables Avocados, olives & other oily fruits and vegetables in salads, etc.
Mustard on sandwiches Mayonnaise


Cooking Healthy, Yet Delicious Holiday Desserts

Choose This. . . Instead of this. . .
3 egg whites & 1 egg yolk when baking or cooking 2 whole eggs
Only ½ cup of margarine for every 2 cups of flour when making pie crust Larger amounts of margarine
Small amounts of vegetable oil at room temperature Lard, butter or other fats that are hard
Low fat (1 or 2 %) or non-fat skim milk Whole milk


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