Key “Obamacare” Implementation Needs After the Supreme Court Ruling

I’m sending this note today from NYC, in air conditioning, because it’s too hot and humid to do anything outside right now, and because the issue is still very important:

Although the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is now a historic achievement, there’s still a great, if not greater, need for its advocacy and support, such as:

(1)    Interested organizations joining  forces with selected  well- endowed previously advocating  organizations to actively advocate for ACA again because:

–          Even though repeal is unlikely, or may not be possible, there is a significant threat to Medicaid participation by many states, and

–          There are also many groups out there that are planning to use the Act in a negative way  regarding the upcoming November election;

(2)    Supportive groups actively Informing and catalyzing “People of Color” organizations, groups, and even individuals – to use the link between ACA and its future impact in  (a) decreasing health disparities among racial/ethnic and other Medicaid enrollees, many of whom as you know are White, and (b)  great cost saving, thus deficit reduction, and (c) yielding a more productive and humane society.

Following is the link to a press release I did during the height of the pre-ACA controversy re cost and health disparities reduction likelihood, and also references an important associated study report by the Joint Center for Economic and Political studies. Although there is much more pro-ADA advocacy in the literature, not enough focused on the health disparities and health care cost linkage:  .

Special Notes:

From my perspective, for unclear reasons there has been inadequate public communication of the benefits of the ACA by the current administration although the act has been a major contribution to the nation.  Do you agree or disagree with me on that?

Also, are we, collectively, to allow so called “Obamacare” to be used as a weapon against us as time moves ever so much more closely toward the election of the nation’s leadership for the next four years?

By the way, I think the term “Obamacare” may become a part of traditional language in a very positive way, although that was not the intention of those who chose the term.

Let me know how you feel about the thoughts I’ve shared here.


Norma J. Goodwin, MD

Founder, President and CEO

(Health Power)

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