Key Pathways to Achieving Men’s Health


Key Pathways to Achieving Men’s Health
This campaign will focus on 5 Pathways to Men’s Health, through service, advocacy and policy development:
Pathway 1– The Health Power Website:  As a Home for Men’s Health
Pathway 2 – Promoting Paternal Involvement in Pregnancy Outcomes
Pathway 3 – A Focus on the Life Course, or Key Life Experiences
Pathway 4 – Recommendations of the Joint Center’s Commission on Paternal
                  Involvement in Pregnancy Outcomes
Pathway 5 – Establishment of a National Office on Men’s Health
Pathway 1 – The Health Power Website:  As a Home for Men’s Health
Health Power’s website,, which will be the centerpiece of this campaign, is very well suited to assist men of color and their families – whether related to marriage or biology, or not – in increasing their physical, mental and spiritual health.  Key website features are: 
   1. Easily accessible as the No. 1 source of minority health information, worldwide, based on independent rankings of the Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask search engines, among more than2 million search results, combined.
   2. Provides customized information and promotion services that are authoritative, user-friendly, culturally relevant, and provided by credible sources, including more than 25 culturally competent health and medical experts.
   3. Has a structure organized by two basic population segments, each of which has sub-segments: 
         Gender and Age – Channels for each of the following groups:
         Race and Ethnicity – Channels for each of the following groups:
                  African Americans including Caribbean Americans 
                  Asian Pacific Islanders  
                  Native Americans/American Indians 
   4. Emphasizes, promotes and helps collaboration as reflected by:  cross-links between its website and the websites of more than 20 other organizations.
   Other website features include:
              – “What It Means:  Our Glossary” (See our Home Page) 
              – Food and Fitness Channel with Cultural Specialty Recipes 
              – Toolkit for Minority Health 
              – Mental Health Channel 
              – Spiritual Health Channel 
              – Tip Sheets for Minority Health 
              – Health and Population Data and Trend  
              – Resource Directory for Minority Health 
              – The Health Power Blog 
              – Social Media Section (See our Home Page) 
              – RSS Feed of Current Minority Health News (See our Home Page) 
              – Special month-long Cultural Heritage and Health Related Celebration 
              – Cross-linked Organizational Web Partners for Minority Health 
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