Let’s Improve the Health of Men of Color…… Part II

Special Men of Color Health Needs

Our men of color health focus is on:

(a) Increasing health awareness and health literacy among them and their families;
(b) Promoting, advocating for, motivating, and providing the tools to help them and their families achieve and maintain good health; and
(c) Increasing their much needed priority on disease prevention, early detection and control.

Diseases that need greater health awareness, risk reduction and health promotion for disease prevention, early detection and control include those summarized in the “Highlights” section of our Men’s Health Channel, and associated links are:

Prostate Cancer
Enlarged Prostate
Erectile Dysfunction

Other Conditions– Men of color and their family members and friends also need to have a lot of health awareness in order to be good health advocates and supporters – about: diabetes, obesity, hypertension (high blood pressure), heart diseasepreconception health, alcohol abuse and alcoholism, depression, stress, and more. They need to know about the risk factors associated with each of these common conditions including family history, screening tests for early detection, treatment possibilities, and how to control or cure them.
If men of color and those who love them are well informed, empowered, and encouraged about their health, we as a society will be taking a critical step toward building healthier families and communities, and not just for communities of color, but for society as a whole.
Much more detail on the above men’s health issues can be found in the Highlights of our Men’s Health Channel, and Statistics in our Health and Population Data and Trends Section compare health conditions by race and ethnicity as well as between men and women.
Remember that: Knowledge + Action = Power®

Also, send your suggestions for our Men’s Health effort, to Norma J. Goodwin, M.D., njgoodwin@healthpowerforminorities.com.

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