Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss

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Every day you hear about new ways to lose weight or getting in shape, with so many depriving diets popping up every now and then. But there is a very popular diet plan that never asks people to deprive themselves and has been the most popular for decades. This diet that has shun any extreme measures and promoted a healthy approach is known as the Mediterranean diet.

The Variety in Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has received many praises over the years and has been dubbed as the most healthy and easiest to follow by several noteworthy authorities. The Mediterranean diet has been known to promote a healthy heart and brain along with several other benefits.

The different countries around the Mediterranean coast all have multiple variations for the Mediterranean cuisine and this diet that is followed by the people of Greece and southern Italy has been most popular among the people in the US. Several variants have been introduced to suit different needs and criteria. People fighting cancer or struggling with cancer can try the variants of the Mediterranean diet specifically designed to help them out. Vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians can all be accommodated to benefit from the Mediterranean diet.

Mediterranean Diet Fundamentals

Even with different variations the core fundamentals of the Mediterranean diet are all the same. The fundamental principles of the Mediterranean diet are to include fresh produce in favor of pre-packed food that is filled with harmful preservatives that adversely affect our health. The greater emphasis on fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes provide an ideal balanced diet. Replacing saturated fats with healthier alternatives like the olive oil is also known to contribute to better health. Consuming fish as the main source of animal protein, which is leaner compared to other meat also is a major reason for the followers of Mediterranean diet to have healthier hearts. They are at a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes because of consuming low cholesterol meals and healthier fats as opposed to the modern more prevalent diets followed by the people.

Losing Weight with Mediterranean Diet

By following the Mediterranean cuisine people tend to lose weight in a healthier more controlled way compared to following other more drastic, and often unhealthy weight lose diet plans.

Another benefit of following the Mediterranean diet to lose weight is that people continue to follow the diet for extended periods of time without relapsing into unhealthy eating.

Shifting to olive oil and having nuts and grains in diet has been shown to promote weight loss and a healthier heart due less cholesterol in their diet.

The increase in fiber from the fruits and the vegetables also improves digestion and leads to healthier and slimmer bodies. Following the Mediterranean diet also results in less inflammation.

Even though following the Mediterranean diet may not result in losing weight very fast, but the weight loss is healthy and permanent. And you are not risking your body to any harmful side effects.

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