Obamacare/Affordable Care Act: Update & Call to Action – Jan. 2014

By Norma J. Goodwin, M.D., Founder & President, Health Power
In spite of the major website problems associated with the launch of Obamacare, and the resulting lack of needed positive publicity, too little active advocacy has occurred among supporters of the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare regarding: (a)   key individual and institutional  beneficiaries, and (b) the need to combat the largest barrier to  effective program implementation. 


Key individual beneficiaries of Obamacare:
the uninsured and under-insured,
– populations with racial and ethnic health disparities,
– persons with costly chronic illnesses that previously had an insurance ceiling;and
– previously uninsured older teens and young adults.

Key Institutional Beneficiaries:

the insurance industry,
– states, cities, counties and community health centers that will receive increased federal funds to: (a) improve their infrastructures,

  (b) generate  healthier populations,

  (c) expand the national health workforce, which means more jobs, with associated increased  training, education and skills.

Greatest Barriers to Implementation

Many Uncooperative States
The lack of cooperation, or limited cooperation, with program implementation by 23 states – nearly 1/2 of all of the states of the nation – has been, and continues to be, a major barrier in at least two ways:
1. Failure to expand their Medicaid programs, thus denying access to health care for
millions of their residents that they would otherwise be able to receivet; and2.  Not establishing medical exchanges (marketplaces) and/or fully supporting their
development and operation.


Much effort must be given to reversing uncooperative states,  through coordinated action in each such state,    


Inadequate Public Education and Promotion


In spite of the multiple benefits of the Affordable CareAct/Obamacare,it is also a complex program. Therefore, much more attention must be given to:


1. Provision of simply spoken and easily read, understandable information about the program; and


2. Active  and continuous promotion of Obamacare and support of enrollment, especially among younger and healthier segments of the adult population.   

Because Health Power is committed to assisting public education and promotion  efforts, we have compiled the following package of simply stated, user-friendly and short informational messages,some of which also serve as convenient tools for use by advocates, and potential enrollees. 

Our Tagline: Knowledge + Action = Power!


Health Power’s Key Affordable Care Act / Obamacare Related Information and Tools
  1. 1. 10 Simply Stated Key Features of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare
  2. 2.  Key Implementation Needs Related to Obamacare
  3. 3.  10 Messages for Active Use by Obamacare Supporters
  4. 4.  Confusion between ObamaCare and Affordable Care Act Terms, and Silence of Supporters Strengthens Opponents



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