Our Minority Health Digital Communication Network

Our Minority Health Digital Communication Network


Health Power‘s National Minority Health Communication Network provides health information and health promotion messages and tools through:

  • 13 channels or platforms, and 2 additional ones are planned;
  •  A website with more than 2,000 print-friendly web pages;
  • An integrated blog, with at least 10 blog posts published monthly;
  • A social media network that includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn;
  •  An e-mailing program that publishes print-friendly newsletters, Tip Sheets and special messages; and
  •  Customized print brochures. and other print materials.

Health Power collaborates with many other organizations through its:

  •  Cross-linked Web Partners for Minority Health, and its
  • Resource Directory for Minority Health.

Health Power has:

  •  High interest in establishing strategic alliances with non-profit, governmental and private sector organizations;
  •  Gives special and ongoing targeting of 4 conditions, called our “Big 4 Special Targets″. They are:
    – Diabetes
    – Obesity
    – Hypertension
    Heart Disease.
    Each of our “Big 4 Targets” has a significant effect on the prevention and/or control of the other 3 conditions;
  • Also addresses 11 additional racial and ethnic health disparities;
  •  A Food and Fitness Channel (or Section) with multiple recipes, Mental Health Channel and Spiritual Health Channel;
  • “What It Means”, an A to Z Glossary with a photo for each term to assist understanding;
  •  The following four (4) racial and ethnic channels:
    – African Americans, with a Caribbean Circuit
    – Hispanics/Latinos
    – Asian Pacific Americans, and
    – Native Americans/American Indians.;
  •  Separate channels by gender and age including women, men, teens, parents and aging populations;
  •  Tip Sheets that provide user-friendly information on a wide variety of subjects:

    Many of the above features of our Minority Health Communication Network can be easily reached from our Home Page, www.healthpowerforminorities.com, so be sure to check them out!

    Remember: Knowledge + Action = Power! ®
    And, while or after you visit us, let us hear from you!

    Norma J. Goodwin, M.D., Founder, President & CEO njgoodwin@healthpowerformnorities.com