Predicted Exercise Trends


  • An increase in specialized fitness programming for older adults.
  • Simple exercise habits, such as a walk-a-day, remain popular.
  • Employers are encouraging fitness and weight loss.
  • Blend popular mind-body programs such as yoga and Pilates with more traditional forms of exercise.

Source: American Council on Exercise (



How Many Calories Different Activities Burn Off
Exercise Intensity Approximate Intensity Level Calories Burned/Hour
Walking Light 2.5 miles/hr 105
Moderate 4.3 miles/hr 200
Vigorous 6.2 miles/hr 370
Running Light 5.6 miles/hr 320
Moderate 6.2 miles/hr 350
Vigorous 10 miles/hr 430
10 miles/hr 550
Cycling Light 9 miles/hr 120
Moderate 16 miles/hr 220
Vigorous 21 miles/hr 320
Swimming Light 25 meters/min 165
Moderate 40 meters/min 240
Vigorous 50 meters/min 345
Rowing Light Light 200
Vigorous Vigorous 420


Moving for Health to Live Longer

ARE YOU MOVING YET? Check this out

  • Thin people move more in their daily lives (The Washington Post Jan.27 2005)
  • They do not sit still, they bend, stand, and walk with greater frequency.

So let’s get moving!

• While watching TV, using the computer, or reading, stand every 20 minutes
• Walk around the house often, & don’t sit more than 1 hour without getting up
• Do stairs – 1 or 2 flights
• Stretch? and/or reach to the sky
• Reach to the floor
• Sweep, vacuum, mop and rake if possible
• Walk for errands
• Get off the bus or subway a stop before your stop
• Sit in a chair – then get up and sit down – and repeat this 10 times
• As you become more active, do more to become still more active.


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