Preventing and Managing Eye Injuries

For Eye Injury Prevention Month, and given the importance of vision, whenever you have an eye injury, be sure to see an ophthalmologist, or eye specialist, without delay. Also, don’t try to treat a serious eye injury yourself.

Signs of an Eye Injury

If you notice any of the following signs in your eye area, get medical help without delay.

• Having obvious pain or trouble seeing.
• Having a cut or tear on the eyelid.
• One eye doesn’t move as well as the other.
• One eye looks different from the other eye.
• There is blood in the clear part of the eye.
• There’s something in the eye or under the eyelid that can’t be easily removed.

What to Do for All Eye Injuries

• Don’t touch or rub the eye.
• Don’t try to remove an object stuck in the eye.
• Don’t put ointment or medication to the eye.
• See a doctor as soon as you can, especially an ophthalmologist.

If Your Eye has been cut or punctured:

• Lightly put a shield over the eye until you get immediate medical attention.
• Don’t rinse with water, try to remove the object, or rub the eye.
• Don’t take aspirin, or NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (They increase bleeding).

If you Have a Particle in Your Eye:

• Blink several times to allow the tears to flush the particle out.

In Case of a Chemical Burn to the Eye:

• At once, flush the eye with a lot of clean water AND get emergency medical treatment.

Treating Sand or Dirt in the Eye

• Use eyewash or a lot of clean water to flush the affected eye out. If it doesn’t come out easily, lightly bandage the eye and get immediate medical attention.

Remember the Health Power motto: Knowledge + Action = Power!

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