Promoting the American Diabetes Challenge Program

Dr. Norma Goodwin, President of Health Power, interviews S. Epatha Merkerson who plays hospital administrator Sharon Goodwin on NBC’s hit show “Chicago Med” where in a recent storyline her character revealed she has diabetes, which S. Epatha has had for 15 years.

Among S. Epatha’s numerous awards was her 17-season tenure as the no-nonsense lieutenant on “Law & Order”. She reunited with its Executive Producer, Dick Wolf, on NBC’s “Chicago Med” in 2015.

During the Health Power interview, S. Epatha discusses the America Diabetes Challenge Program, which is sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and Merck. She notes that she has a family history of diabetes, and highlights four activities which are key to tackling common challenges associated with diabetes. A key message she emphasizes for those with diabetes is that it is a manageable disease.

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