Quit Smoking Tip Sheet 3 – Fighting Smoking Triggers

Triggers are special times and special situations that make many smokers want to smoke.

Frequent Triggers (Stimulants) to Smoke:

  • After a meal
  • At a party
  • When talking on the phone
  • While watching TV
  • When playing cards
  • While reading a book or the newspaper
  • When drinking coffee
  • When drinking alcohol
  • During or after a stressful situation

How to Fight Smoking Triggers :

  • Make a list of the times when you always reach for a cigarette.
  • Fight one trigger at a time, and just focus on overcoming it.
  • Pick one of the triggers from the list and decide on something else you’ll do each time, instead. Here are several examples:
    • If you always smoke when on the phone, substitute a paper and pens instead so that you can doodle, or a squeeze a ball AND remove cigarettes and ash trays from around all phones.
    • Since alcohol is a frequent trigger to smoke, try not to drink liquor, beer or wine while you’re trying to quit.
    • If you smoke while driving, put your cigarettes in the trunk so that you can’t easily get to them.

Keep going until you have checked off all the smoking triggers on your list.

Because when you do, you will be much closer to quitting smoking.


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