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Food & Fitness Channel

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The Fitness Branch includes Tip Sheets on “Walking for the Health of it“, Number of calories burned from different activities and much more


Our Food Branch was established because:

  1. We want to share healthy recipes with our users that are both good for the soul and healthy, since many of the recipes passed down from generation to generation are delicious, but not healthy.
    Food Image  Food Image Food Image
  2. We know that most multicultural populations enjoy a wide variety of foods that taste good, smell good, look good, and are especially Good for the Soul.
  3. While we want our users to enjoy good for the soul food, we also want them to:


 Shop Smart, Cook Good, and Eat Healthy
 4.   We know how much people who were born or grew up in the southern United States and many other multicultural populations enjoy Soul Food which, since the time of slavery, has served as Food for the Soul.
   5.   We also know that enjoying food together is an important cultural experience for multicultural populations, and many others.
   6.   We’ve developed a 3-in-1 Healthy Recipe Directory as a special feature for all our users and visitors.  Since it will steadily continue to grow, be sure to visit it often.

Our Fitness Branch was established because:

  1. Regular physical activity is closely linked to staying healthy, including weight control.
  2. Our Fitness Branch provides key information on Walking for Health and other ways to Stay Fit.
  3. Our Fitness Tip Sheets make it easier to plan for and engage in regular physical activity.


Guess what? There’s no time like now to begin checking out all the useful information in our Food and Fitness channel, and to begin using it. It often helps to try using new approaches with family members, friends, or people you work with. We call it the Buddy System, and professionals call it peer support. So, get a buddy, or a group of buddies, and get started now in:

  • Shopping Smart
  • Cooking Good
  • Enjoying Delicious Food, and
  • Eating Healthy, thus Eating Wise, and
  • Moving a Lot Daily to Look Good, Feel Better, and Stay Fit.

Now, on to our healthier kitchens, dining rooms, and eating out places. Let’s get busy walking those sidewalks, doing those mall walks and park walks, gardening, dancing, using those treadmills and bikes (stationary and moving bikes), house cleaning and organizing, and so forth!!