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Preventive Health for Minorities


Welcome to our Preventive Health Channel.  We focus here on disease prevention because:  
Prevention is always better than a cure, and many diseases can be prevented or delayed.  It requires health knowledge, decreased high risk lifestyles, improved health practices, eating healthy, having regular physical activity, living in safer environments, and getting high quality health care.

All three stages of prevention, which need more attention, are discussed below.


Asthma and Other Allergies
Dental Health Tip Sheet
Eating Healthy Tip Sheets
Immunizations and Health
Preventive Eye Care
Sleeping for Health and Beauty
Smoking and Health
Stress Prevention and Reduction
Watch Out for Your Heart

Channel Favorites

Flu (seasonal Influenza) and Pneumonia
Smart Diet
Walking for Health and Fitness

Additional Contents Include

Choose one of our “Big Four” resolutions for 2014
Contaminated and Recalled Eggs Tip Sheet
Environmental Health Issues
Heat Related Conditions
PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen)
Understanding & Using Pollen Counts
Understanding & Using UV Index Scale

Primary Prevention – Doing whatever is possible to keep a disease or illness from ever occurring;

Secondary Prevention – Diagnosing and treating the condition as early as possible in order to limit its negative effects; and

Tertiary Prevention – Managing the condition in order to control it as much as possible and thus limit long term negative effects, or disabilities, as much as possible.

Through use of the information in our Preventive Health Channel, we are committed to helping our users and their families and significant others live longer, happier and healthier lives. So visit this channel often. Also, many other channels on our website provide useful information on how to reduce the risk of various diseases, Our Toolkit for Minority Health is a great second stop after you check out the rest of this channel