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Welcome to this very important website section. In developing titles for the channels in this area, we quickly recognized how much difference of opinion there is about which terms to use, such as:

African-Americans, or Blacks

Caribbean Americans or Caribbeans

Asian Pacific – Islanders or Asian Americans or Asian Pacific Americans

Hispanics, or Latinos

Native Americans or American Indians

Native Americans, or American Indians are sometimes further divided to recognize Alaska(n) Natives as a sub-group. Further, sometimes the Latino title is further divided to recognize male (Latino) versus female (Latina) sub-groups.

Health Power’s Opinion

1. Racial and ethnic minority populations are often called minorities, people of color, and multicultural populations. When our site uses either term, we are referring to the same people.

We could go on and on about which racial and ethnic terms to use. It’s largely an issue of cultural preference for a variety of good reasons. However, we cannot afford the luxury of spending a lot of time focusing on which term is more politically correct because too many minorities/people of color/multicultural populations are:

  • Ailing too much
  • Sicker than others, and
  • Dying too soon.

Knowing that all of the above racial and ethnic terms are preferred by many in each of the above groups, or populations, our site will sometimes use all of these terms, with the greatest of respect for the members of all groups above.

2. We recognize that there are many important sub-groups in each of the above racial and ethnic categories. Examples of such sub-groups, or sub-populations, follow.

o African American Caribbean, Haitian, African (from the Motherland)

o Hispanic Puerto Rican, Mexican, Dominican, Cuban

o Asian American Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean

o Native Americans Crow, Sioux, Pima, Mohawk, and Alaska Natives

In fact, just as we already have A Caribbean Circuit as our web site’s first major African American Sub-group Section, we look forward to developing additional Sub-group Sections as sufficient interest in assisting with such development, especially for editorial content, is expressed.

3. Our recommended focus for Racial and Ethnic Serving Organizations, and Communities:

Racial and ethnic serving organizations, and their communities, need to:

– Focus, creatively and constructively, on how to obtain the additional resources needed to provide customized, or tailored, culturally relevant health information, health promotion and health disparities related services for various racial and ethnic groups and sub-groups;

– Focus on key sub-groups, or population segments, within the major racial and ethnic groups that also need tailored or customized health information, health promotion and health disparities services for various racial and ethnic groups and sub-groups such as:

  • People in various age ranges (such as early, mid and older teens, women of childbearing age, men, aging persons, etc)
  • Organizations (such as community based organizations or CBOs, schools, )
  • Faith leaders, legislators and other community leaders
  • Parents, grandparents, and other guardians
  • People of different socioeconomic levels
  • Gay and lesbian individuals

Important role of our Editors and Advisors

A wide range of highly recognized experts serve as Health PowerEditors and Advisors. Their main role is to:

  1. recommend and provide health related information that they consider interesting or useful to users and visitors of our channels and other web areas;
  2. review, when needed, information suggested by others for the web site; and
  3. advise Health Power on other organizational programs and activities, on request.

We invite you to meet this outstanding group of Health Power Editors and Advisors – through their pictures and summaries of their backgrounds.

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