Chef Ryan Tateishi Recipes and Tips

Chef Ryan Tateishi Recipes and Tips

Ryan Tateishi is a Chef Instructor in Seattle. He volunteers in the kitchen at Farestart, a job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals. He is also a tour guide for the Pike Place Market School Program. Ryan is an active member of the Seattle chapter of Chefs Collaborative, a nationwide network dedicated to fostering a more sustainable food supply. He served as a contributing columnist for Arizona Food & Life.

He earned his B.S. Degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State University and A.O.S. in Culinary Arts from Western Culinary Institute.

Sample recipes by Ryan can be found among Asian Specialty Recipes inHealth Power’s Food and Fitness Channel.

Chef Ryan Cooking and Eating Quick Tips

: What recipe changes do you recommend for someone who is trying to cook healthier?

Chef Ryan: I would recommend using: whole or minimally processed refined grains. For example, when baking, use whole wheat flour instead of white flour, because white flour has lost valuable nutrients through processing.

: How important is using fresh fruits and vegetables in eating healthy?

Chef Ryan: Fruits and vegetables are the main sources of vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, and fiber. Furthermore, using fresh fruits and vegetables is ideal because processed versions contain additives.

: What are good ways to reduce salt and fat in recipes?

Chef Ryan: One way to lower salt in a recipe is to use reduced sodium seasonings such as low sodium soy sauce.
     – Monounsaturated fats promote health, whereas saturated and trans-saturated fats don’t. So choose olive, canola, or nut oils over butter or margarine when cooking with fat.
     – Use cooking methods that don’t require a lot of fat. For example, choose steaming or poaching over frying.
     – Choose leaner cuts of meat. For example, use skinless chicken breast or flank steak.
:  Interview by Andrea King Collier, Health Power Editor on Nutrition.